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Guidelines to submit your URL to

Thank you for considering adding your URL to Below are some simple yet compulsory requirements your submission has to meet in order to be successfully added to the Marketing Links Directory. Make sure you also go through our FAQ's section before you submit your URL, especially when you opt for a paid listing.

Once you send us your submission, we automatically consider that you have read, understood and agreed to the submission rules below, and you took knowledge of the content of our FAQ page. If unsure of something, please do contact us before submitting your URL, we'll be glad to answer your questions and address your concerns. Thank you!

STEP ONE: Verify you are not already listed
Make sure your URL does not exist already in our directory: it might have been submitted by your co-workers or friends. As a general rule, we only allow ONE listing per web site for free listing options, no deep-links allowed. If you need to submit an URL to more than one category and/or if you wish to submit a deeplink, please consider the paid options. Keep in mind that, even for paid submissions, we only accept multiple listings if they truly fit into the categories they're submitted to.

STEP TWO: Select the category and subcategory that is most representative for your site/page
It cannot be stressed much enough how important it is to submit your URL to the right place! Please allow yourself plenty of time to browse through the categories and subcategories to figure out for which one would your site be the most representative. We reserve the rights to move your submission to another category/subcategory, as we see fit - and that refers to paid submissions too.
Please DO NOT submit URL's to the root categories unless you're submitting a site that is widely known and recognized as a standard resource for the given topic. This is the case for less than 1% of all submission we receive.

STEP THREE: Provide a suitable title and description
Title - we do want to help you with your SEO efforts and we do recognize the power of anchor texts. Hence, we do accept titles with keywords instead of the actual title, but please be aware that any anchor text you might choose MUST be relevant to the content or your site / page/. For example, if your website is about blue angry cats, do not use "Soccer Legends" as title.
Description - MUST be written in a concise, accurate and objective manner. No exagerations. No superlative language (such as "the ultimate", "the best", "the bigger"). No lame sales pitches. Really. Please. Thank you.
We reserve the right to edit ANY description not following the above rules, paid or unpaid submission. If unsure if your description is acceptable, we'll be happy to review it first, just drop us a line and we'll get back to you the same day (unless you're emailing us at night)

STEP FOUR: Submit your URL
Use the submission form (see Submit link on the top menu), select the listing option of your choice and fill in the required fields. If you opted for a paid listing or for a free listing with "no follow" attribute, you do not need to provide an URL for the reciprocal link. If your option is a free listing with reciprocal link, you will have to add the small html code on one of your pages first, then provide the respective URL and finish your submission.
All submissions are reviewed for accuracy by our editors, which means they will not appear instantly within the directory. We do this to ensure we provide correct, accurate and honest resources. Allow 1 day for your paid submission to be reviewed and included in the directory, and up to 1 week (at our current workload) for your free one, providing you followed the guidelines above.

NOTE: though it is a matter of common sense, experience has taught us that we need to specifically ask and insist that no submissions containing illegal material are to be considered for inclusion. Illegal material include child pornography, libel, material that infringes any intellectual property right, and material that specifically advocates, solicits or abets illegal activity (such as fraud or violence).
ONE MORE NOTE: Do not submit "under construction" sites, sites with broken links or graphics. We dread the little red x or 404 errors when clicking on links! Please finish your site and/or correct the dead links and we'll review it in no time. And hey.. please do not submit redirecting URL's, always use the "real" URL.

We have assembled a list of frequent questions our users have asked, and hope they will be of use to you. If you have questions not covered by the FAQ's, please Contact Us and we'll gladly answer you.

Thank you!

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