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My site was listed in another category than the one I have submitted it to.
We take pride in providing our users with quality, accurate content. If we feel a submitted site is a better fit to another category rather the one it was submitted to, we reserve the rights to list it into the proper category. If you are unhappy with the category we have selected for your site, please contact us and explain us why you think your site belongs to the category you have submitted it into: we might have overlooked some aspects and details of your site when we judged where to list it. For reasons of workload, only paid listings qualify for a request of category change. If after a second review we do not agree with the category your suggested, you have two options: either leave the site in the category we listed it, or remove it and have your money back. If you choose to have the listing removed, please request it WITHIN 5 DAYS from the day we communicate you the result of the review request.

What is a listing with "no follow" attribute?
We're sorry for the SEO lingo, but it was the shortest way to express the concept. A "no follow" attribute of a link signifies that search engines will not follow that link, will not spider and index it. Thus, such a link does not count in search engines as a link back to the respective URL, and does not contribute towards a higher position within search results or towards building Page Rank. Such links can only bring traffic, generated from the site where it is listed.

My submission has been rejected. WHY?
Any submission in violation of the Submission Guidelines makes a strong candidate for rejection. Actually, it WILL be rejected. These are the reasons for rejection: illegal content, irrelevant content (Is your site really about Marketing? Does it TRULY belong to any of our categories?), "under construction" sites, redirecting URL, lack of title and/or description, presence of broken links and/or graphics.

My description has been edited. I REALLY want my own description, can I have it please?
Yes you can, providing that you respect our submission guidelines. We prefer to use the titles and descriptions sent by you - less editing work for us - but if they fail to comply with the rules we reserve the right to edit them, in order to offer a consistent, and quality content to our users. Reasons for editing your title / description: gramatical or language mistakes, use of superlatives, exagerate use of sales pitches, profanities and foul language, or the simple fact that title and/or description has nothing to do with the site.
Example of bad description: Sign up now for the ultimate, most powerful way to make money in an instant, from your own home! Become an affiliate now!
Example of good description: Sign up now to join our affiliate program, offering you possibilities to make money working from home.


Do I have to pay in order to have my URL listed?
Yes and no. It depends on what type of listing you are looking for: paid listings (regular and featured) do not require a linkback from your site, while a free regular listing is provided in exchange for just a link from your site. Listing is also free for those who only want a "no follow" attribute presence in our directory. For details on what types of listings are available, please follow the Types of listings link from the Directory Tools below.

I do not want to provide a link back, and a "no follow" listing does not satify me. How much for a listing?
Our current fees are $9 for a regular listing, and $19 for a featured listing (within the first 5 of its category, on top).

How can I pay for a listing?
We currently accept only PayPal payments, but we're working on implementing other methods of payment. PayPal is a simple, safe and fast way to make payments online using your credit cards: details at

I paid for a listing, but my submission has been rejected. What can I do?
It depends on the reason for rejection: if you submitted an URL containing or leading to illegal content, there's nothing you can do. No refund. No nothing. Period. If the reason for rejecting your submission consisted in a technicality such as unfinished site, or site with broken links, that's okay: we'll either wait for you to finish your site by putting it on hold, or we can list another site for you providing it follows the requirements to be listed.

Seriously, why there are no refunds if you reject my submission???
We understand your frustration. Yet you must understand ours as well. We're trying to build a valuable resource for our users, and we will never accept to sacrifice quality for quantity. It's common sense to assume that we actually DO WANT your listing within the directory: if we choose NOT to accept it, the only reason is that you overlooked our submission rules and chose to submit your URL anyway. We have spent time and effort reviewing your submission, and a rejection is an ultimate resort from our side. However, we'll be gladly wait for your site to meet the requirements, or we can list another site if it complies with the submission rules (see paragraph above).

Got questions not covered by the FAQ's above? Contact us and we'll answer you right away.
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